Pulp faction

3d printed material assemblies through
microbial biotransformation

What if we could build our homes in collaboration with microorganisms?

Pulp Faction is a transdisciplinary project at the intersection of microbiology, digital fabrication and architecture that provides the alternative of growing to extraction as material sourcing. These new material systems are produced through biofabrication and digital computation.

Pulp Faction develops methods for 3d printing mycelium composite materials for architectural use. The project employs the transformative power of biology to repurpose abundant by-products of plant fibres into a new class of performative materials for architecture. These are self-supporting, good thermal and acoustic insulators, and simultaneously hydrophobic and hygroscopic.

Such biomaterials represent alternative construction materials that are biodegradable and don't rely on extraction of finite resources or energy-intensive production. Spanning a range of disciplines, Pulp Faction is concerned with the substrate material composition, its integration with living fungus, the process for 3d printing, and ultimately how it is grown into architectural components. The process has been demonstrated through a 2 meters high column, Protomycokion.

Protomycokion has been exhibited at Time Space Existence Venice Biennale 2021, as well as Spark Gallery in Malmö.

Ana Goidea, David Andréen, Dimitrios Floudas

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